At 11 years old, I discover graffiti: a revelation! A way to express all my emotions, without a word. A deep and silent sharing. I shoot graffitis and copy them, until I feel able to create my own letterings.
At 12, I create my first book.
At 15, I spend my free time painting... and my school time drawing!
At 16, I study graphic design. My university mixes offset printing and computer graphics. At the same time, I train, I scan, I photoshop, I mix my drawings with home-made textures and photographs, sometimes personal. I produce my first blog banners, my first illustrations, my first web animations...
At 19, I start to really train in photography. My favorite subject: the street.
At 21, with my degree in hand, I'm hired in a communication agency in Luxembourg, where I quickly become Art Director. I learn to put my talent at the service of a client, to respect the constraints of a brief, to create with a commercial purpose. Meanwhile, I start my first entrepreneurial adventure: I become a freelancer. I create my first communication tools, my first website, and approach my first clients.
In 2012, I quit my job to become a freelance at 100% with the creative director of my former agency.
In 2014, our collaboration pays off: we work on increasingly important budgets. I manage to maintain my artistic activity. I exhibit my work very little, I don't feel ready yet: I refine, I polish. I continue to train.
That year, I fly to the destination that all graffiti lovers dream of: New York! I am fascinated. I shoot the city that never sleeps from every angle. Other photo-trips follow, including Iceland, Norway and Ireland. I grow up, artistically and humanly.
2018, I am 30 years old. My partner and me found our company.
In 2020, during the lockdown, i go back to basics! I start a training to rediscover and deepen the fundamentals: composition, color, perspective, light ... I give up my graphic tablet for the pencil, but it is never far away. And... I become a father.
4 years after its creation and dozens of projects later, the agency employs 3 collaborators.
In December 2022, I leave my agency to become independent again.
Today, I dedicate myself fully to my artistic activity. Little by little, I find my own style, which mixes all my practices and tells all my experiences.
I perfect. I innovate. I create, again and again... as I breathe.

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